When asked to design a series of 12 bookmarks around the theme experimental/environmental typography, I started by taking a trip to the old souk of Jounieh where we can find all sorts of vernacular, leftout typography. As I walked by, looking for found type, I thought about the concept of a bookmark: it is supposed to help you find your way while reading, which is also the purpose of signs in streets. And what is reading other than walking in a virtual world. This led to the idea of trying to create a typeface based on the signs in themselves, signs seen as lettershapes, which is a more holistic, twisted approach to the project.

Sign Alphabet

The ‘letterhunt’ started then. It was quite a challenge and I was walking in unknown territory, not sure whether I would be able to find all the letters of the alphabet.

After all the project as a whole was an experiment, and the farther it was pushed, the better it would get. Finally, I was able to complete most of the letters (in a legible way) and some of them were a bit pushed (the Z for instance). I was also able to find few punctuation marks 🙂

Bookmarks Package

HOME > “My home is where my books are’

The result was a package of 12 bookmarks that contained words written in that typeface, and a quote about reading.


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2 Comments on “Booksigns/Roadmarks”

  1. MHANNA Simon Says:

    it is all about the process
    and u got it 😀
    love it 😀

  2. Toni Says:


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