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will the real poster please stand up

July 2, 2009
Will the real poster please stand up

Someone plagiarized a poster Khajag and I had done three years ago posted on this page in 2007.
It’s an another one of those anti-smoking posters with arabic type (of course), done at a time when i didn’t smoke yet.

Well, times have changed and so did the poster! A certain student used the poster, changed a few things and submitted it as hers. Revising the diacritic dots color, remodeling the typographical sub headline and adding an ashtray is what it took for this poster to pass the end of year exhibition committee and make it to the printed catalog.

I felt flattered at first then it made me think…



Cancel Cancer poster

February 4, 2009

Cancel Cancer Poster

Back in November, ArabAd magazine launched its cancer v/s creativity poster competition.



July 12, 2007


The publication ref.resh is a compendium of typographic links,
connecting the return of decorative typography today to the old use of
ornamentation in typography. The link is shown through the following examples: Zuzana Licko’s revival of Baskerville’s types with Mrs Eaves typeface, and Sibylle Hagmann’s revival of Charter designed by W.A. Dwiggins with Odile typeface.


Diseases stick

July 11, 2007


2 sequential posters promoting safe sex.