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Maya Zankoul’s Amalgam – Book signing!

July 30, 2009

I’m proud to announce that I will be launching and signing my first comic book on August 12th, 2009, at Art Lounge at 6:30 PM! The book contains 39 selected stories from my blog, Maya’s Amalgam criticizing Lebanon on the social level, using a sarcastic/humorous tone.



Hope to see you all there! ^^

The monotony of captivity

January 23, 2009

Two days ago was the day I submitted my resignation at work. I thought it would be a simple procedure. In fact, I was bored of the monotony. I felt as if I was captive in a cage or in an aquarium. My vision of work was as illustrated below.


The monotony of captivity

The monotony of captivity




Impressions from Sevilla I

October 3, 2008

Alamillo, Barqueta, Triana

Alamillo, Barqueta, Triana

After my return from a trip to Sevilla, Spain, I tried to graphically capture my memories and impressions from this magical region of the world. (more…)

Lebanon, tarararam!

June 13, 2008

This is my personal interpretation when it comes to the situation in Lebanon. Just as we hope it’s over, it always starts again.

“war is over”, “tarararam” (music of the Lebanese National Anthem)…


ThePlace in the Arabesque Graphics Book!

February 29, 2008

We are excited to tell that we are part of the new Arabesque Graphics book, to be in stores starting this April! The book is a compendium of contribution from various young or well known designers/studios such as Jonathan Barnbrook, Reza Abedini, Atrissi Design, Khatt Foundation, Mediamatic (Amsterdam), Mohtarafand us!


Here is a preview spread in which you can see a poster of the Modwi typeface (bottom left), designed by Kj.



the Play

February 26, 2008

To look is to learn if you listen carefully | Per Arnoldi


Producing 10 visual interpretations from a given list of words and expressions focusing on the experimentation of producing ideas and concepts, was the aim of this project. Using the visual rhetorics (i.e. contrast, emphasis, repetition, drop-outs, simile, pun, hyperbole etc.) I was able to find a relation between word an image. I followed a certain style to unify the 10 visuals and grouped them in a small booklet entitled the Play.plays.jpg


vector illustration

February 12, 2008


Opposed to design which relies on intuition, clever thinking, and specific purpose, these illustrations were time consuming experimentation, and personal challenge to do realistic vector illustrations. I started both of them during July war on Lebanon when I was stuck at home for a long period…