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will the real poster please stand up

July 2, 2009
Will the real poster please stand up

Someone plagiarized a poster Khajag and I had done three years ago posted on this page in 2007.
It’s an another one of those anti-smoking posters with arabic type (of course), done at a time when i didn’t smoke yet.

Well, times have changed and so did the poster! A certain student used the poster, changed a few things and submitted it as hers. Revising the diacritic dots color, remodeling the typographical sub headline and adding an ashtray is what it took for this poster to pass the end of year exhibition committee and make it to the printed catalog.

I felt flattered at first then it made me think…




November 16, 2007


On the 29th of November, KJ and I will join Raya Tueni and Maria Hakim to give a lecture about “El Hema” at Note Dame University – Zouk Mosbeh (The Exhibition that we worked on in Amsterdam in August 2007 with Medamatic). Pascal Zoghbi will start the lecture explaining about the project.

Date: 29 november 2007

Time: 6:00 pm

Place: NDU Friend’s Hall


October 22, 2007

Thank you for all who voted for El Hema for the dutch design award.


After the nomnation of the project amongst the best dutch design, the EL HEMA EXHIBITION WON THE FIRST PRIZE of the jury’s choice in the “Visual Identity” category. And thanks to the audience votes, WE WON THE SECOND PLACE in the “Public Choice” award. El Hema was nominated in the visual identity category against leading design studios, including JWT and Studio Dumbar.

Congratulations for the Arabic and Dutch team who worked on the project (Willem Velthoven, Pascal Zoghbi, Tarek Atrissi, Wael Morcos, KJ Apelian, Raya Tueny, Maria Hakim, Abrar Al-Musallam, Kristin Maurer, Vele Anderen & Marieke Bijster), for Madiamatic and The Khatt Foundation.

Willem Vilthoven and Jans Possel recieving the award. Willem wearing one of El Hema Tshirt with arabic typography. For more picture from the ceremony click here.

For more information about El Hema project visit the previous posts by clicking on any of the pictures below.


EL HEMA nominated for Best Dutch Design 2007

September 24, 2007

We are pleased to announce that El HEMA exhibition was nominated for Best Dutch Design Awards 2007 in the visual identity category. Out of 526 participants the jury chose the 100 best designs within the head categories: Communication, Space, Interaction and Product. The results of the awards will be announced on Saturday 20 October 2007.

We’re also on the shortlist for the Audi(ence) prize, and that’s where You, dear reader, come in… You can vote for El Hema by clicking here. On the right side of the page there is an orange coloured link “Ik kies dit werk”. After clicking they will ask you for name and email witch will not be published.

Thanks for helping us to win the audience prize!
Here are some other nominees in the same category as El HEMA



September 6, 2007

It does feel Hema!… This is one of the reactions visitors of el Hema exhibition had; and to me the most rewarding. The whole shop is practically in Arabic and all the products, interior, photography have an Arabic twist into them. This accomplishment is the work of the whole team who worked on the exhibition. It is also a happy moment for everyone interested in design, culture and specifically Arabic typography.

El Hema logos (Left: new logo, designed by Wael Morcos. Right: old logo, designed by Tarek Atrissi in collaboration with Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares. Arabic font used as basis for the logo is TheMix Arabic, designed by Lucas de Groot and Mouneer Al-Shaarani).

Arabic erotic poetry on uderwears, set in Fresco and designed by wael morcos.


EL Hema

August 19, 2007

Kj and I (with 3 more young designers from the Arab world) are in Amsterdam right now working on El Hema project organised by Mediamatic
The project is preparing an exhibition of an arabic version of a very famous store, the typically dutch HEMA.

000.pngHEMA original logo and its arabic adaptation, designed by Tarek Atrissi in collaboration with Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares. Arabic font used as basis for the logo is TheMix Arabic, designed by Lucas de Groot and Mouneer Al-Shaarani).




What would an Arabic HEMA look like? Halal sausage? Arabic chocolate letters? Affordable high quality headscarves? 3 Palestinian scarfs (kaffia) for the price of 2? Tunics or Djballas? School notebooks with lining for Arabic, which reads from right to left? Ali Baba and the 40 store robbers? Camel milk? Erotic Arabic poetry on duvet covers? Jibril and Jamilah children’s champagne? North African wine?

Creating an Arabic store was the natural choice to exhibit and launch the book Typographic Matchmaking organized by Khatt Foundation. The book is in fact a collaboration between dutch designers and designers from the Arab world to produce 5 pairs of typefaces designed to work together in body text.

The exhibition is a cultural exchange between artists, designers, young people and poets mainly from The Netherlands and the Arab world.