About ThePlace


The Place is a freelance partnership between three Lebanese Graphic Designers, Wael Morcos, Maya Zankoul and Khajag Apelian (kj)


Graduated with great honors from Notre-Dame University, Lebanon, with a BA in Graphic Design Wael, Maya and Kj come from different backgrounds, sharing a passion for all aspects of graphic design and visual communication, with, foremost, a profound interest in typography, mostly Arabic typography and its contemporary development. This blog will showcase all kinds of their projects(academic and professional), thoughts, news etc.

Wael Morcos | MISTD

Wael Graduated with a BA in graphic design from Note Dame University. He worked for one year as web designer for the NowLebanon website. He was also one of the 5 middle-eastern designers chosen to complete a 2 months workshop at Mediamatic, Amsterdam. This design-cultural project ‘El Hema‘ was awarded the Dutch Design Award. He is acknowledged a member of the international society of typographic design through the istd annual student assessment scheme 2007. Wael Joined BrandCentral earlier in 2008 and works on various branding projects. When given the chance, he enjoys designing letters and taking pictures. Wael likes music, swimming and Cheesecakes.

Maya Zankoul | MISTD

Freelance Graphic & Web Designer, Maya holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Notre Dame University, Louaize and is a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers. Maya is currently a full-time designer in Rezayat Group‘s design office, which is an offshore company located in Lebanon. She also works freelance with local and international companies. Her scope of work includes corporate identities, customized illustrations, print as well as customized web design and development in Flash and HTML. In her spare time, Maya plays the piano, and develops an interest in reading about design and its relation to music.

Khajag Apelian kj | MISTD

Freelance graphic designer, had been working in Landor Associates, Dubai, since March 2008 until currently pursuing the masters program Type and Media at Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, The Hague, Netherlands. Was part of the team who brought to life El Hema the Arabic adaptation of the Dutch store Hema. The Exhibition was later awarded the Dutch Design Prize. Member of the International Society of Typographic Design. Works include in various publications such as ISTD’s Typographic Newsletters and Die Gestalten Verlag’s Arabesque Graphics Book. Born in UAE raised in Lebanon, with Armenian origins.

contact details
e: theplacedesign@gmail.com
m: +961 3 123 743 | +961 3 866 007 | +31 64 723 7533


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