will the real poster please stand up

Will the real poster please stand up

Someone plagiarized a poster Khajag and I had done three years ago posted on this page in 2007.
It’s an another one of those anti-smoking posters with arabic type (of course), done at a time when i didn’t smoke yet.

Well, times have changed and so did the poster! A certain student used the poster, changed a few things and submitted it as hers. Revising the diacritic dots color, remodeling the typographical sub headline and adding an ashtray is what it took for this poster to pass the end of year exhibition committee and make it to the printed catalog.

I felt flattered at first then it made me think…

I did get closely inspired by a lot of things i saw especially when i was still a design student.
Few years after, I learned to genuinely appreciate the genius in other people’s work.

The glorified state of creativity is a complex one where subconscious and self expression surface back. The word “create” itself entails something sort of divine. But Design is not Art even if the act of designing remains very personal. And so does the outcome.

Sometimes we just feel insecure and opt for settling down for something that looks like something else already there. It’s a recurrent warranty request, common around clients wishing to look like someone else already out there. We are afraid of the unknown, insecure about what’s ahead, doubtful of the result. Young designers hold back while great masters embrace doubt as a new venue for new ideas. DOUBT IS BETTER THAN CERTAINTY, Milton Glaser.

That said, students mustn’t plagiarize and fresh graduates must be told what’s wrong and what’s acceptable before the end of a 4-year design program. Universities shouldn’t allow work like that to pass the end of year exhibition committee and be printed in the graphic design end of year catalog.

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5 Comments on “will the real poster please stand up”

  1. Hiba Says:

    It’s only fair that you complain about her to the faculty and department. If they do nothing, I think you should then complain about them. This should not be tolerated as it will encourage other lazy asses to do the same.

  2. Hani Soulayman Says:

    Was NDU so embarrassed to have done this mistake that they asked you to remove their name? ? Well the crime has been committed and the end year catalog has been published with no reference whatsoever to you. Whether the name is there or not… nothing changes the disappointing fact.

  3. wael Says:

    Thank you Hani and Hiba for your support. Indeed i contacted the university and they were very prompt and professional in dealing with this matter.

  4. OmarAd Says:

    Hey guys, first of all I’d like to congratulate you on a great blog, second I’d like to really credit you for this anti-smoking ad. From an adverisers point of view I think its amazing.. well done. Third, on that point on creativity, I believe that yes we are influenced by others’ creativity aswell as the media around us, our mind creates from others creations if you think about it.. Anyway justed wanted to share.
    Wish you guys all the best.

  5. Zoey Says:

    This is not acceptable at all :/

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