ThePlace in ISTD Condensed


The International Society of Typographic Design publishes its ISTD Condensed every now and then to connect its members with each other through their works and writings. I was happy to know that some of our works were selected to be in this issue.


Boujour, the experimental bilingual typeface, is shown in the back cover of the issue. A typeface that is still in progress due to my studies.



Two other works of ThePlace, ‘Duwaera’ by Wael and my ‘Moudwi’, were part of our previous instructor, friend, Yara Khoury Nammour‘s article It’s the best of times… Arabic Type Design’, where she talks about her experience in teaching Arabic type design in universities around the Middle East. Yara explains how students approach the Arabic type design from a Latin-based point of view, “… As a student, you mark your baseline, set your x-height, ascenders, descenders, and voila you can start drawing Arabic-looking forms between those lines…”. After talking about the process the student goes through, dealing with the complexity of the Arabic script, she concludes by pointing out the importance of a hint of  traditional craftsmanship in designing a new yet true successful Arabic typeface.

Finally we are pleased to see the work of newly graduate Rebecca Mourani’s work part of the issue.


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  1. ya 3amé sho shatourin

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