Vinyl stickers

Khtt foundation has recently launched a vinyl sticker competition with an Arabic twist theme into it. The following was my submission.

I always considered home as a place of self discovery and bringing back cherished thoughts to save them and preserve them infront of one’s presence…

For Maroun Abboud, and for me as well, the expression “خلا البيت إلّا منا” was an invitation to run free with his imagination and discover life from inside his home.
This Lebanese writer whose extracts fill the arabic reading books of young pupils, inspired me to combine the idea of framing memories, thoughts and inspirations on a wall with vinyl stickers.
The sentence “خلا البيت إلّا منا” is transformed into a typographical stripe that can be broke down into parts. These parts are then assimilable and customizable frames. The vynil strip thus acts as sticking frames and decorational forms.

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