Impressions from Sevilla I

Alamillo, Barqueta, Triana

Alamillo, Barqueta, Triana

After my return from a trip to Sevilla, Spain, I tried to graphically capture my memories and impressions from this magical region of the world.

One of the things that characterize the city – and help you to locate – is its river, the ‘Guadalquivir’ and its bridges. I tried to remember them through hand drawings on kraft paper [above], through graphical abstraction in vector illustration [below].


Guadalquivir representation

Guadalquivir representation

The Alamillo bridge, is famous for its gravity-challenging approach, built by architect Santiago Calatrava for the ’92 exposición universal.

The Barqueta bridge decorates the Macarena area with its white and red colors that shine on sunny days.

The Triana bridge is the same bridge present in Paris, built by architect Gustave Eiffel.

The mixture of history and background makes the river a unique blend of history and civilization.

Last but not least, photography experimentations to represent the bridges…






Alamillo Grid


Bridges Pattern

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