Lebanon, tarararam!

This is my personal interpretation when it comes to the situation in Lebanon. Just as we hope it’s over, it always starts again.

“war is over”, “tarararam” (music of the Lebanese National Anthem)…

After the Qatar agreement that put an end to an agonizing 9 months period of political frustration and social crises, Lebanese rejoiced and expressed their enthusiasm by firing bullets in the air. A dozen of people got seriously injured as everything that goes up must come down. On other occasions people died this way. This sparked new frictions between supporters of different political groups related to the victims.

The cedar tree of the Lebanese flag is the national symbol of Lebanon, eternity and life. As our country gets shaped over the decades by never ending conflicts, maybe it’s time to replace our headstrong cedar with a curling winding twisting spiral. (tarararam) (music of the Lebanese National Anthem).

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