Imagine flip book.


“Imagine” is a 120 frames flip book each drawn separately. The 10-second storyboard is the journey of the dot of the “i” that flows around with a steady horizontal camera move to reveal the letters each in a way. This was my first attempt ever to deal with design in motion.



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3 Comments on “Imagine flip book.”

  1. Munna Says:

    woo.. tats supa cool.. wat software have u used to achieve the whole movie

  2. wael Says:

    hey Munna!

    I used Quick Time Pro! I had taked screen grabs of every frame and put them all in one folder.
    Then, go to quick time pro and click File => Open image sequence. and choose the folder.

    It will ask you how many frames per second do you want it to display.
    After that you’ll just have to save your file!

    good luck

  3. bharath Says:

    nice to process sketches..very helpful for a design student doing typography courses!! motion type in flip books sounds challenging.. the work in softwares looks slightly plastic compared to the feel achieved here.. though i would like to see more process sketches and planning.. cheers

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