Head Heart and Hand in motion

Kj (with a merit), Maya and I all passed the Istd assessment in the Uk.

Mine was about expressing a design process through a 3×3 space.
Here is my print version of the project.

The same project was also executed through a screen based approach. The result is 5 short movies: Introduction, Head, Heart, Hand, Attainment.






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4 Comments on “Head Heart and Hand in motion”

  1. Fadia Says:

    I love it..
    Very nice job guys!!

  2. Fadia Says:

    Wael very interesting concept.. & so much innovation in ur way of expressing ur inspiration..
    very nice job

  3. BRAVO!

    This is a great job, I love it!
    How can I download your video on my Facebook?

    Francois Wael

  4. wael Says:

    Hey Francois!

    Thank you.
    Here’s a link of the same clips uploaded on youtube.


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