What can someone do in a photography studio with and Absolut bottle?




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3 Comments on “ABSOLUT ADS”

  1. Joanna Says:

    NICE! 😀 i love this…! You guys are amazing…I love this blog…it made me wanna cry coz I do close to nothing outside the uni requirements…!

  2. Jennifer mitchell Says:

    Hi, Im Jennifer Mitchell and im a photography student at stevenson college edinburgh and i came across this site and thought wow because i just recently took a bottle shot for an advertising/product project i am doing at the moment for my course and i took a shot of Absolut Vodka and was just wondering if you would like to see it?
    if not then thats ok.

    Thank You
    Jennifer Mitchell

  3. wael Says:

    Hey Jennifer!

    Send them in to our email theplacedesign@gmail.com
    We’ll be glad to see what you have shot!

    I shot these picture for my photography class. We had to do some ads for a magazine 🙂
    Our teacher was Samer Mohdad, he’s a great artist with very inspiring work!

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