Teta Nemnum


Old people seem to have a lot to communicate without doing any effort. Their facial features are like lines that draw their past. At 95, teta Nemnum, my mother’s grandma or my grandma’s mother, have had a long and tiresome past. She passed away few months after those pictures were taken.



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4 Comments on “Teta Nemnum”

  1. miVomen Says:

    Amazing pctures wael !

  2. wael Says:

    Thank you!
    Are you from Amsterdam?

  3. hala Says:

    a true ARTIST!!!!! you did a terrific job, you deserve the best wael.
    we are so proud of you.
    good luck

  4. tchebbe Says:

    I love the one of her holding the cup , she has an expression on her face as if to say ” you take ONE more Picture of me and Im going to shove this cup up your nose , thehe I LOVE IT

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