Kufi style


Kufi design can be achieved through several approaches. Three concepts are designed for the project ‘write your name in different forms of Kufi.’

Square Kufi

This approach is the Square Kufi and is produced by rotating one unit to obtain a square.


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4 Comments on “Kufi style”

  1. nice kufi patterns

    i am going to use them as some of the examples in my kufi workshop here in amsterdam.

  2. Marcelle Says:

    Wow.. wow… wow… Maya!!! I’m very proud of you as always….. the whole thing is simply phenomenal. Keep up the great work & upward and onward 🙂 All the best……………….

  3. Samya Says:

    Greattt! 🙂
    very nice!

  4. wonderful and nice,
    the kufi type is one of great Persian typeface and i honor to show this in your website…

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