The publication ref.resh is a compendium of typographic links,
connecting the return of decorative typography today to the old use of
ornamentation in typography. The link is shown through the following examples: Zuzana Licko’s revival of Baskerville’s types with Mrs Eaves typeface, and Sibylle Hagmann’s revival of Charter designed by W.A. Dwiggins with Odile typeface.


Dwiggins himself was trained in lettering by Goudy, who was known with Gill and Johnston for designing calligraphic sans serifs. Both revivals are available in OpenType format, which allowed the designers to create multiple ligatures, weights, and decorative elements that added an ornamental feel to their typefaces. OpenType is one of the latest innovations in typographic soft ware, yet it is leading designers to go back to ornamentation which was in taste several centuries ago. The aim of this publication is to gather seemingly unconnected pieces of typographic information to keep as a reference for graphic designers, typographers, or anyone with a taste for in-depth typography. Its aim is not to take position concerning the topic, but to provide a reference of objective information.

As the title implies, this publication is about referring to the past yet refreshing it. Experimenting with swashes is a way of refreshing them. In this spirit, I drew capital letters from Mrs Eaves typeface, in bold weight, in watercolor and blew over them. The results were accidental calligraphic (hand-made) swashes. They were unpredictable in their process, and somewhat irregular and chaotic which portrays their contemporary aspect. Their overall look gives a touch of ornamentation to the publication.




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5 Comments on “Ref.resh”

  1. boucci Says:

    luv the whole blog
    GOOD JOB!!!!!!!
    keep it coming hehe!!!!

  2. kristyan Says:

    it looks very good! a lot better than before!
    u did surprise me! im proud of u!! 🙂
    keep up the good work!

  3. Marcelle Says:

    Woooow Maya!!! I’m so impressed and very proud of you as usual… All the best 🙂

  4. charbel Says:

    he maya! this is a great piece of art…good work

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