Iconic Stamps


These stamps convey six of the main projects concerning the Reform proposals of the aspect of Arabic Typography.

We will be posting additional information, meanwhile please keep us informed about your reflections.


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6 Comments on “Iconic Stamps”

  1. boucci Says:


    am signing my name under ur work like u did to my drawings on the board (when we first met)

    HOPE I WONT GET IN TROUBLE!!!:)):):):)::

  2. kjapelian Says:

    No Worries Rebboucaa 🙂 You wont! 😛

  3. Paolat Says:

    I love them! excellent.

  4. Kirsten Says:

    Omazing KJ!
    Your soooo modest when really you’re a genius…watch this space world! 😀

  5. kjapelian Says:

    Thanks a lot guys 🙂

  6. s nelson Says:

    Very creative. Thanks

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